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What Are The Positions In League Of Legends?

Online arena games are coming into the limelight. If you are also like to play such kind of game, then league of legends is the ideal option. Howling Abyss, Twisted Treeline, and Summoner’s Rift are three game modes of the multiplayer game. The players play in the team in each mode and fight together against some other players in order to get the victory. 

For this, they pass the towers and turrets and then destroy the enemy’s base. The players basically control the character, which has some unique abilities. Boosting lol help them in getting the high rank and also make some changes in the gameplay. With the help of lol booster, the task of reaching the desired level becomes easier. 

Things to know about the positions

Basically, there are three lanes, which are top, middle, and bottom. There is also some spare area between the lanes, and such area is filled with the jungle. If we talk about the positions of the player then it is decided by the part of the map as well as the champion, you have chosen to play. Here is the brief description of chief five positions, which will come on the way to a certain level:

Support – it plays on the bottom lane and also does plenty of things such as enhance the visibility of the team and also help ADCs on the huge level in landing kills.

ADC – well, one of two champions assigned to play at the bottom lane and if we talk about the ADCs, then these are supposed to increase the attack damage, and for this, they buy maximum gear. 

Jungle – there is always one champion who is not assigned by any lane and that stays on the jungle. These junglers basically roam around the whole jungle and kill several monsters. By this, they have the teammates and also assassinate the opponents, who are unsuspected. 

Mid – the middle lanners are basically the champions. These champions have the solid ability power and have the potential to perform better. 

Top – the top lanners are played by the bruisers or tanks. These players can deal and take the damage at the same level.

The players should take a step forward and communicate with the teammates for getting the desired position. While there is no need of becoming a friend, but you are advised to pitch for the position, where you want to play.