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Mu Online Servers -The Perfect Destination For Online Gamers

One of the leading online game development company Webzen launched its mu online servers in the year 2000. Since then the company has offered many exciting fantasy games to its users all around the world. Online gamers look for games with high-quality graphics, an exciting gameplay and the ones having a good user count of real-time players. These servers provide gamers with exactly what they are looking for; a collection of more than 100 3D fantasy RPG based games. One of the most popular games on the server is MU online.

About MU online

MU is one of the most played games on the mu online servers. The game has more than 20 million active gamers spread all across the world. The game uses work on excellent AI programs that help the game to evolve automatically and allows users to explore new quests each time they start the game. The gameplay is also very exciting and attracts a lot of gamers. Like other MMORPGs, gamers can select a character that is used to fight monsters and to gain experience. The experience points can further be utilized to unlock new arms and weapons. Several events are launched throughout the day on the servers for gamers to compete and win prizes. Some of these events are paid while some are accessible in the maps as the game progresses. The game is also available for mobile platforms.

How to get started with gaming

The mu servers were made to offer gamers good quality graphic games with interesting gameplay. In order to get started with gaming on these servers, one first has to register on the mu global. Once registered the gamer can then enter the gaming zone. The gamer then has an option to select the country of his choice and then from the list of orderly ranked game servers, the gamer can choose the server of the game that he wishes to play. Although there is a minimum set of requirement which the player’s device has to meet.

  • The operating system must be at least Windows XP or any other higher.
  • CPU with a 1.4GHZ processor or higher.
  • Minimum RAM requirement is of 2GB.
  • HDD of at least 6GB.
  • DirectX driver of 9.0c

The mu online servers offer great speed, handles the traffic well and allows gamers to have a high-quality gaming experience.