Juki Leather Sewing Machines

Juki is a heavy duty leather sewing machine that stitches all types of leather like synthetic leather, natural leather, faux leather, etc. Juki is a European company for industrial sewing machine opened in the year July 2005. Juki also has sales of machine parts alone along with the sewing machines to all parts of the world.

Juki has a variety of commercial or industrial leather sewing machines. But when it comes in specific to leather sewing, Juki has six models that serve an excellent purpose. Let us have a quick review on all six Juki leather sewing machines.

Juki AMS-22IEN-2516

This model is popular for stitching large labels, or two or more small emblems together and shape tacking of shoes as well as bags. It provides improved quality output in the industrial sewing business. It saves energy. The two available types of feeding frames are monolithic and separately driven ones. It has an active needle thread tension controller. The operation panel is built with programmable functions. It is computer controlled machine with input functions.

Juki DDL-8700L

This is a uniquely designed one needle lockstitch machine. It can sew as long as 7mm in both normal and reverse directions excellently. It provides efficient well tensed stitches. It has a good feed mechanism and thread take up lever facility. The basic lockstitch mechanism is suitable for stitching purses, pouches, belts and leathers efficiently.

Juki DNU 1541-7

This Juki sewing machine model has best features of larger needle bar stoke, 1 needle, lockstitch feature, unison feed, automatic thread trimmer and higher presser foot lift. It promises good end product with no stitch gathering. The machine has a rectangular feeding motion which gives consistent material feeding that comes in all possible thickness.

Juki DSC 245-7

The Juki DSC series sewing machines are popular for stitching tubular materials like bags, shoes and those with small diameter section items. It has one needle, top and bottom feed option. It is a lockstitch machine that provides a perfect finish to all of its products.

Juki LG158

The best features in LG158 are long arm, lockstitch machine with vertical axis unison feed, two needle hooks. Under the arm It has 750mm of free space and gives a maximum stitch length of 10mm. This machine does excellent work in stitching leather sheets and tents.

Juki LS 1342

Even things with small tubular diameter of 40 mm is stitched well using Juki LS 1342. It has a slimmed down throat plate. It has a cylinder bed, one needle, unison feed and lockstitch machine with vertical axis hook. The rectangular feed is highly rigid and gives a very efficient performance.