Cichlid Care For Beginners

Cichlids are attractive fish that can give you lots of pleasure and joy. Looking at your fish is calming and it is very relaxing. Caring for your fish can be fun, but it can also take a lot of time. It is very important that take good care of your cichlids because they need extra care if you want to make sure that they thrive. Read on to learn some cichlid care tips that will help ensure your cichlids stay healthy and happy.

Cichlids can grow up to 8 inches and they can live up to 10 years with the proper care. They are a very territorial fish and they can tend to fight so you never want your cichlids to be different sizes because they might be killed and eaten. These fish will eat any smaller fish in the tank so you have to watch out for this if you don’t want any problems.

Make sure you have plenty of places for your cichlids to hide when you are setting up your tank so your cichlids are comfortable and happy. Before you even get your cichlids you are going to want to get the tank set up for them. The size of the tank that you choose is going to depend on how many cichlids you are going to have. The size is also going to depend on how big the cichlids are. Bigger cichlids are going to need a bigger tank.

One rule of thumb is that you should have 2 gallons of water for each inch of fish. Tank placement is important and you want to make sure that you keep the tank out of the sun and out of drafty areas. The tank should have a sturdy base and be sure to keep it in a space where it can’t get knocked over.

The tank should have three inches of gravel and you can decorate the tank however you want, as long as the cichlids have plenty of hiding places. They like to have their own turf so you need areas that each cichlid can hide. They love caves so be sure you have some cave areas in your tank.

Make sure to feed your cichlids pellets or flakes and feed them twice a day. They also like dried worms or brine shrimp. Keep an eye out for any diseases and your cichlid care routine will be easy.