Backup Your Data And Secure It Safely

With the technology advancing each day, the era of storing all your data in diaries, albums and other forms of paper is long gone. Now memory cards, pen drives, chips and other small and easily portable devices are ruling the market. Even mobile phones and laptops have so much storage space these days that you need nothing as an additional data storage device. But like earlier your dairies and other storage stuff had a disadvantage of being lost or damaged, these days also you can face the same problem. To avoid losing your data in case of any problem with your phone or other devices it is highly advisable to backup your data and keeps everything safe in another place.

Purpose of backing up the data

There are two reasons to backup your data, firstly to recover it after the loss due to any reason and secondly, it is done to recover data from an earlier time according to the data retention policy as to how long copies of your data is required to be stored. Both the reasons are important enough for you to learn how to make a copy of your data and save it securely.

Methods to backup your data

  • To backup files from your PC, you can easily use an external hard drive or a pen drive and just transfer all the files.
  • There are so many cloud storage services for backup like OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, pCloud which offer enough free storage and for more you have to pay some reasonable prices.
  • With an external hard drive, you can also use DVDs, Blu-ray or a USB flash drive.
  • Nowadays the new PC Windows come with a default backup option, allowing you to make scheduled and regular backups.
  • To backup data in iOS devices, you can use Apple’s iCloud, iTunes or both.
  • In Android mobile phones all you need to do is use Google Sync or you can also use the manufacturer’s own backup solution but it does not include the apps and any lower level data.
  • The other way to backup Android phones is Google+, Dropbox or other apps like Lookout which provide security from viruses along with backing up your data.

So, accordingly, you can use anyway and backup your data. Remember to search on Google once and follow the steps if you don’t have an idea of how backup has to be done as it important to secure your data properly. Normally if you use apps or other methods they are very easily accessible and reliable sources of backup.